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Sakana Japanese Restaurant
2026 P. St. NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 887-0900

My husband and I have sampled sushi all over the DC metro area (Kaz, Suzhi Ko, Uni, Sushi Taro, Makoto, etc.) in search of the best. We passed over Sakana for years, despite the recommendation of a good friend. We had been regularly frequenting Uni, mainly for its stunning watermelon roll, when we decided to change things up and go to Sakana, which is never rated as a top sushi restaurant in anyone's book. I'll never understand why. Its decor and crowd are not as hip as those at Sushi Taro, and its prices are certainly not as chi chi as Sushi Ko (we spent over $100 there on sushi and I left hungry--I'll never go back), but Sakana's sushi is always fresh and is very reasonably priced. The yellowtail is buttery, the tuna and salmon melt in your mouth, the rolls are generous and delicious. During this last visit, we enjoyed edamame (served warm, as it should be), a mixed tempura appetizer (generous amount of shrimp, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, bell pepper, eggplant), a caterpillar roll (heaven rolled inside slices of avocado), a tempura shrimp roll (which looks more like tempura nigiri, but is tasty all the same) and then tuna, salmon, yellowtail, unagi, shrimp and other nigiri -- all delicious. The damage, even including beer, tea, tax and tip, was $80-90. Not bad if you ask me. The restaurant is owned by a nice couple -- the Japanese husband runs the kitchen, and the Vietnamese wife and her siblings work the floor. They recently reopened after closing for 6 weeks of renovations. The restaurant is a bit cramped (as it was before), with the tables very close together, but the sushi is still the best in town.

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