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La Tasca in Arlington, VA

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saintlex and I ate at the brand new tapas restaurant in Clarendon, La Tasca last night for valentine's Day. We expected to order off the regular menu, but they had a special menu for Valentines Day (which didn't have anything I had hoped to order.) It actually had ENTREES which the restuarant doesn't normally do except for paella, but they didn't have paella as a choice. We got a choice of one entree, 2 tapas each, and a dessert. The tapas are also on the regular menu.

We both had the filet mignon (hers w/mushroom sauce) which was really good. We also had and really enjoyed the tomato and goatcheese salad, which had pickled peppers in it. Her scallop tapa and my squid tapa were both mediocre. She has rice pudding,a nd I had the cake version of crema catalan (custard). Both desserts were excellent. The sangria we ordered was good, although they hadn't planned on having sangria for Valentine's Day

The decor is great, with 2 floors of dining and a landing with longes in between.

The service was very good as well, and they accommodated saintlex's dietary requirements (which isn't easy.) They had to fry her scallops in olive oil instead of soybean oil.

So...we were very happy with the place despite 2 mediocre tapas. We have to go back and do the actual tapas (or paella)thing sometime.

There is one in DC as well, but it is too close to Jaleo to warrant going to La Tasca....especially since La Tasca doesn't seem to have such a good rep. We'll have to try it for tapas sometime and judge for ourselves...since we can't judge how a restaurant will normally be from a special menu.
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